Getting a Fair Value for Damages and Property in Condemnation

Every property sought for a public purpose must be appraised in a "before and after" appraisal which purports to set forth the fair market value of the property interest to be taken as well as any damage to the fair market value of the remainder.

These appraisals may be conduct by appraisers hired by the condemning agency or by staff members who have had appraisal training.

A clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of any individual appraisal is critical to the pursuit of full just compensation for the landowner.

A landowner is entitled to obtain their own appraisal. Knowing the direction of an appraisal and the result desired is critical in working with an appraiser before an opinion of value is made.

Appraisal is the beginning point of the evaluation of the just compensation due an affected landowner. Understanding what else might be available is essential to the final valuation to be accepted.