MT Just Compensation

Is your property being impacted by a Montana highway or road project? Is the State telling you they have to close off your water access? Block your driveway? Build a hill across your yard? Put an on-ramp through your barn? Or even demolish your home?

These are some of the many ways in which a highway project or road upgrade can impact your property in Montana. The State, County, or City will offer you "just compensation" for your loss, but do you know if what they are offering is fair? Does their offer cover all of your losses?

MT Just Compensation is dedicated to providing a wide range of services to landowners and attorneys involved in condemnation or eminent domain proceedings.

What is Eminent Domain?

The basic principle of Eminent Domain is that under Montana law private property may be "taken" or "condemned" for a necessary public use. Generally, the issue of "necessity" is clear, based upon engineering practices.

The condemning agency must pay just compensation for the "taking" or "condemnation" of any private property. The real issue is what constitutes "just compensation" under the applicable law.

Experienced Eminent Domain Advocate

Based upon 40+ years of law practice, 20 spent in condemnation proceedings on behalf of the State of Montana, MT Just Compensation is uniquely prepared to provide expert analysis and consulting services to help the landowner obtain the maximum compensation available under the law.

Whether you already have your own attorney representing your interests or you need an advocate and don't know where to turn, MT Just Compensation has the experience to handle your eminent domain case.

If you are an attorney representing a property owner in a Montana eminent domain case, MT Just Compensation is a valuable and knowledgeable consultant to help you get the best results for your client.

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